Screenprinting adventures.

Hard to believe I've yet to blog about my screen printing adventures until this moment. It's been months since I've been able to ink up my screen and have the satisfying wipe of paint to paper, but art school calls, which sadly means putting aside personal projects for a little while. Thankfully, I am blessed with classes that keep me busy making art, so it's not such a bad exchange (some school work will someday, eventually, hopefully be posted here). 

Still, I learned so much this past summer during the challenging and monumentally satisfying process of teaching myself how to screen print. Gathering supplies was one thing, but creating pieces that I would print copies of was even more challenging. I ended up creating a few art prints, along with a small collection of greeting cards.

In the new next months, my hope is to finally open a shop online for them, and into the even deeper future, I hope to keep printing. There's nothing like creating, if you ask me. 

IMG_5859 copy
IMG_5868 copy IMG_5863 copy IMG_5891 copy IMG_5885 copy IMG_7190


Hiking box canyon.

 photo IMG_7019 copy_zpspl0iuagf.jpg

After all of our hiking at Yellowstone, we got back to Idaho and finished off the trip with one last trek to Box Canyon. There was a crystal clear, dazzlingly blue freshwater spring at the bottom of the canyon which was ice cold. By far the coldest water I have ever had the courage to dunk myself in, but it was completely worth it. 

I wish there was a spot like this in Dallas I could ran away and escape to in 106 degree weather. It's a bummer we don't have freshwater pools just lying around, but at least my memories can take me back to days like these and days even farther back in Hawaii, in an attempt to satisfy myself. 

 photo IMG_6987 copy_zpsrygvbdro.jpg
 photo IMG_6968 copy_zpsbrchwo6d.jpg
 photo IMG_6956 copy_zpss4adkzly.jpg
 photo IMG_7007 copy_zpskxdipjf8.jpg
 photo G0060412 copy_zpshb1hognn.jpg
The selfie to prove we were wet and really did swim. photo IMG_7022 copy_zpso0txjvjm.jpg
 photo IMG_7025 copy_zpsd4gdqt8w.jpg
My face. Ugh.
 photo IMG_7072 copy_zpskbekeif1.jpg
 photo IMG_7094 copy_zpsc3f4jclp.jpg


Camping in a thermal minefield.

 photo IMG_6885 copy_zpsxvvw4o6l.jpg  photo IMG_6888 copy_zpsfoy4r6jf.jpg

It's blurry to me how this dream-like adventure even commenced. A few passing words about wanting to visit Nathan in Idaho, a daydream of camping in the summer, googling National Parks. Looking into the past, the most surprising revelation of it all was how doable this trip was -- for someone who stresses out as much as I do. It took a few phone call planning-sessions, a couple date nights with google maps, and simply going for it.

The more days, weeks, months, years, that go by, I am struck continually with possibilities and opportunities I can choose to pursue or not, if I'm only willing to gather up the gumption to leap for it, work hard for it, or not be scared. Other times, it feels like life's possibilities are narrowing down, disappearing, falling away. Dreams and castles built up from childhood begin to look like a play dough doll houses for ants when real life kicks in. Foolish, childish, and totally impractical.

As we were skimmed through hundreds of miles of Idaho farmland in the wee morning hours, meandered up rocky hills of Targhee National Forest, were awed by the Grand Tetons, and hiked through the rugged and mysterious terrain of Yellowstone, dreams felt more possible then the have in a while.

 photo IMG_6939_zpssjlzol8z.jpg  photo IMG_6424 copy_zpspbrtyjck.jpg
 photo IMG_6438 copy_zpsye7xkmag.jpg
 photo IMG_6373 copy_zpsfwyu6ynw.jpg
 photo IMG_6382 copy_zpsrhtf2oln.jpg
hiking the grand canyon of yellowstone left me breathless (and not just because I'm terribly unfit)
 photo IMG_6478 copy_zpsiprczmpq.jpg  photo IMG_6569 copy_zpshn0nlmjx.jpg 
what you cannot see is the pungent sulfur smell (be grateful)
 photo IMG_6652 copy_zpsdhbupxlx.jpg
the most active thermal area in the world is around old faithful and all these colorful, churning, bubbling pools
 photo IMG_6693_zpsaquyafw0.jpg
 photo IMG_6701 copy_zpssctchsdj.jpg
 photo IMG_6148 copy_zpshq03vaor.jpg
 photo IMG_6345 copy_zpsujg9pniw.jpg
The hike we went on here allowed us to perch on the left side of this falls, directly above it, unbarred, as opposed to the people on the opposite side. Such a dizzying view is one I will not soon forget.

I am privileged to have siblings I love spending time with, who are willing to travel, camp, and simply spend every moment together. Michael and I have missed our other third who has been far away working for the past year, and getting to experience this together was the sweetest part of it all.

Whisperings of a future trip were passed around, where it will be, I've no conjectures, but if it renews and refreshes my spirit so much as this one did, anticipation is already bursting from me.

Where has your summer taken you?


Haircut (before & after)

 photo IMG_5198_zpssebpfxk3.jpg

 photo IMG_5945_zpsoqjrztlr.jpg
Here's the obligatory before and after shot.

It's been about three years, and I've cut off my ponytail once again. I woke up last weekend and thought, "What a great day to cut all my hair off!" No joke. It's one of those times in life when a rash decision is the best way to go about something -- because overthinking it often leads to worry or paralysis.

So twelve inches of hair is in a bag, ready to be mailed away, and I'm here a pound or so lighter.

I hope your summer has been as fun or strange or just lazy.

P.S. Stay tuned for a blogpost about how screen printing has been going over here!