Jackson Pollock: Blind Spots

]IMG_1922 copy
IMG_1906 copy

This semester is up and running, but I find myself able to breathe between the intervals of class and homework far more easily than I was able to last semester. This definitely has something to do with pressure being off (I made it into the program, say what) and gaining more perspective about where I want to take my art.

So I'm making a deal with myself to enjoy this semester, take good breaks, and keep learning, even outside of the classroom. For my art history class, we have to travel to museums around the area every few weeks to truly see and enjoy art. It's been such a great experience so far. Here's to more. 


All the feels.


This is how I feel the first week of school. Slightly paralyzed with too many emotions to process.

Makes for some weird doodles.


Eleven Eleven

It's been a restful and even productive winter break, filled with sleeping in and lots of Netflix to boot. I have been dreaming of finally opening my own paper goods store for months (years) now, and so making the decision to finally open the shop has been thrilling though admittedly intimidating over the past few months. Last summer was when it initially began. I taught myself how to screenprint so that all of my cards would be handmade and unique. As the vision for my shop became clearer with time and making products, I finally decided I had enough gumption to open the shop a few weeks ago.

Though it is still tiny, I am excited to keep it growing this year. Here are a few new product shots.

IMG_8311 copy
IMG_8535 copy
IMG_8366 copy
IMG_8523 copy

More about the shop to come!



IMG_8290 copy

Over break, after getting all those Christmas cookies and family time in, I finally started focusing on art a bit more. With making art comes discovering new artists, and one of my new favorites is Gemma O'Brien. She's ridiculously cool, from Australia, and you should probably check her out if you want to see some awesome typography.

Anyway, there's a little contest hosted by Volcom and Gemma O'Brien's lettering inspired me to give it a try.

Some initial color studies I wasn't loving. 


I had a lot of fun using gouache to paint these designs. Every time I create something new (especially related to type), I learn more about letters and how they work, which is so exciting and drives me to keep making which leads to learning.

Only about a week and a half until classes start, so I am going to try to squeeze in some screen printing next week.

I have designed a 2016 house calendar and a few new cards I am excited to share with you all! Here's to more work and colors and art and yay.