Art adventures.

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I am drowning in a a world of art. It's in my thoughts. On my phone. Covering my desk and bedroom floor. Everywhere. And it's one of the most satisfying places in my college career I have yet experienced. It's a competitive world out there, but although I feel the general pressure of being a "successful" art student, I also for the first time have a relatively clear vision of where I want to take my art -- or have my art take me. 

This May I face perhaps my most difficult challenge yet -- applying to the Communication Design program at UNT. Although it's hard to share and yet more hard to think about being declined, it's a journey I don't want to hide. 

Now that I am a full time student, with nothing else to consume my time (in short, I quit my job), I have been pouring myself out into my sketchbook. 

I'm excited! (I also drank something with a double shot of espresso today, so yaaaayyyyyyyy!). 


Snow in February

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It's been a bit of a winter wonderland here to past few days. Nobody told me Texas winters involved this much snow, but I'm enjoying it, so long as I get to stay in the comfort of home with books, tea, and let's get real, some wifi. But driving on it? No. Thank. You. My little islander heart is too nervous for such daring things.

The perks of it all, though, are cancelled school and work a grand total of three times this week. Which has been so lovely. So, so lovely. 
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Due to all this time, and even a pretty fun photography assignment in one of my art classes, my camera (Perry) and I have been taking photos like crazy the past few weeks. I think I filled my memory card up quite a few times. Craziness. So here are a few fun shots. 

And I'm trying to be religious about drawing frequently in my newly acquired sketchbook, so perhaps  sharing some very strange doodles is in order. Soon. 



Saturday night rambles.

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Today was the first day in a long that I've been able to spend in glorious laziness and procrastination. No assignments are imminently due, and no other duties could move me to do anything remotely important. Unless taking pictures is important. I could argue it is.

If you friends haven't noticed, just a heads up that my URL is now switched (this girl finally bought a domain). So don't freak out if the old link says my blog has moved. In other news, I have been wasting all of my free (and not so free) time on instagram. 

So this is what addictions feel like. #imagonner


New sunsets.

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Sorry if these posts about moving are getting old. I guess I am stuck in this place that seems to only be getting stranger because when people ask how long I've lived here I now say "since last year." And it feels so far away. But honestly, I still don't know how to live here. What to do here for fun. Who to call when I have free time. 

Lately, the sunsets back in Hawaii have been in my mind continually. My family and I used to go on walks every night to watch it dip down into the ocean, beyond the horizon, in a blaze of glory. I ca't quite get over the fact that it's so flat here I can't see the horizon, much less the sun dip behind it (I'm pretty sure there are some spots around here where it can be seen, but it's no short walking distance away). I miss that. A lot.

But I'm trying to learn to enjoy sunsets even from our backyard. Sometimes they're colorful. Sometimes.

P.S. School starts next week-ish. I'm in denial.